Intimacy In Marriages

Almost ninety percent of the people in this world would agree to the statement that marriages are made in heaven. Even if they are, there are a lot of things that we need to take care of in order for our marriages to work. Things cannot workout just because the decision of marriage was made in heaven. Intimacy in marriage is one of the most important things. It should not be considered merely a physical activity as it has a lot more to it.

It is important to establish intimacy in marriage in order to have a successful marriage. We can also put it in this way; intimacy means knowing and taking care of your spouse’s emotional, physical and mental needs. If you can to do this, you can definitely have a successful relationship. Intimacy cannot be developed by one partner only. It is very important for both husband and wife to contribute in order to make a relationship successful.

The most important aspect of developing intimacy is respect. If you are about to get married or if you are trying to revive the excitement in your relationship, always keep in mind that you need to respect your partner and his/her feelings at any cost. Show your partner that you trust them in every aspect and do not ever show that you think low of your partner. This respect and trust will definitely have a good impact on intimacy in your marriage.

Appreciation is again a very important part of marriage. Always try to appreciate your partner’s effort even if you do not like it. Do not yell or use abusive language with your partner. It will take away the comfort level in your relationship and things will never be the same again. If your partner is trying to make things better when it comes to intimacy, appreciate his or her efforts.

Sharing is the most important factor. Be open to your partner, which will show them that you are comfortable with them and you can discuss anything and everything with them. Tell your spouse your needs and listen to his/her needs as well. It good to let things go with the flow, but sharing your desires and likings will definitely improve intimacy in marriage.

Showing your partner that you love them is the most important aspect of marriage. Sex is not the only way to show your love to your partner. Small gestures mean a lot and you can always give them a hug or a small gift to tell how much you love them or care about them. If you have had some serious issue with your spouse recently, the best thing is to ignore whatever has happened and make most of your relationship.

It is true that with the increasing demands of everyday life and with so many tensions, it gets almost impossible to concentrate on other important factors of life, but intimacy is also one of the key factors to make a marriage successful. And, if it is not present in your marital life, you need to make efforts to revive it back.

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