A Guide To Intimacy After Sex

Sex is the process that binds two souls together. As we eat food, drink water, take fresh air for the purpose of getting oxygen etc., in the same way, our body requires us to do sex as well.

If you want to do sex, first of all, your partners should be mentally prepared, because at the stage when your partner reaches at orgasm and you destroys everything by running for the bathroom, rolling over or going for sleep, the whole passion is lost. This immature attitude takes away the intimacy of making real love to each other and you might not be able to drive your woman crazy this way.

There are various requirements of the body as both the women and men have different orgasms. Because of having different orgasm, most of the time, women want to continue, but it is usually the man who is unable or unwilling to understand this simple fact and he stops doing sex. It is a natural fact that cannot be ignored; the human body cannot be compared with the body of the engine of a car in any way, because the engine of the car can be turned off and on in a second. On the other hand, the body of the human beings work at an increased heart and respiratory rate. It is compulsory to reduce it slowly and gradually in a smooth way. Furthermore, it is important to consider that there is a brain processing that does not stop with the orgasm.

There are some tips that can help us out to reach at an intimacy level after sex. If one of the couples is looking forward to finish sex and the other has not yet finished, for example the man doesn’t quit first, try to make an effort not to stop sex abruptly.

It is better to keep pushing your partner by doing some gentle massage or some fondling of erogenous areas that will drive your man crazy. You can continue the process by expressing your feelings to your partner that you are enjoying a lot.

The next step is to hold each other for a few moments; this will definitely help you to drive your man crazy. It will also be useful in bringing down your heartbeats and breathing. This is the most enjoyable time that will bring the couple closer than the acts of sex did a few minutes before. These embraces should be done with whole body embraces with arms around each other; this will definitely drive your woman crazy all over once again.

The next step is to relax by lying on the bed side by side. Try to talk with each other and listen to some quiet music as well. This will help you to be relaxed quickly.

You should also gaze into the eyes of your partner. Try to look at the face of your partner and feel the peace on his face and let her feel the peace on yours. You can let her mind wander and drive your woman crazy with some moments of eye gazing when the sex is over.

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