Dealing With A Marriage Without Intimacy

Intimacy means having a close friendship or a physical relationship with a person. People have misconceptions about the actual meaning of intimacy. For them, intimacy is just having sex; however, intimacy actually means having a physical relationship with emotional connection between the two persons. For every strong and healthy relationship, it is very important to have an emotional link with each other.

Couple intimacy is the sexual and emotional closeness between two persons. Couple intimacy is very important for the success of every marriage. A marriage without intimacy is a failed and dry relationship. Dealing with lack of intimacy in marriage is a very difficult task.

When your spouse does not have the same interest in making love with you, you feel very frustrated and rejected. Such relationships do not last for a longer period of time. If the issues are not resolved, there comes a peak time when such relationship head to divorce. A marriage with lack of intimacy can be resolved, but the path to be followed for this purpose is very difficult, because the problem of lack of intimacy in marriage takes time and some willingness on the part of both the spouses.

Problems in a marriage are always difficult to deal with, but when the problems come to the bed room then they are nearly impossible to resolve; the entire picture of the problem completely changes. This could lead to mental depressions in both of the partners.

Problem of loss of intimacy is very difficult to deal with; however, if you are not dealing your marriage carefully then you might end up with worse problems. You must avoid certain things while dealing with such kind of a marriage. You need to react in a positive way in order to save your relationship. Getting frustrated and angry and pin pointing a lot of mistakes will only result in driving away your partner from you. Do not talk about money, time and family all the time.

Complaining all the time will make your partner irritated. You really need to be patient and empathetic. Turn yourself into a very strong and understanding person. Change yourself for your partner and for your relationship.

Devote all of your attention, love and time to your partner. Take care of their needs and make them realize that for you, your partner is everything. Is in case, your partner has problems right from the beginning of the marriage, and then try to learn how to resolve all those problems and make your partner satisfied.

You should always be there to listen to your partner. When they are talking, just listen to what they say quietly. You can then match you point of view with your partner’s to reach any conclusion. In this way, you can determine how your partner actually feels. By doing this, you will be able to tackle all the problems easily. There is no doubt that dealing with a marriage without intimacy is a very difficult task, but nothing is impossible in this world. Just believe in yourself and devote your full efforts to resolve your problems.

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