Can A Marriage Life Survive Without Intimacy?

Intimacy is one of the most important aspects of any marriage. The relationship of marriage needs intimacy. Some people limit the concept of intimacy to physical needs only, which is not true. Emotional intimacy is also an important part of this relationship. With the absence of intimacy in marriage, things can get extremely difficult for both the partners. All couples needs physical and emotional intimacy in their relationship because without intimacy in marriage, a marriage can fail badly.

Emotional and physical intimacies go hand in hand. You cannot be completely satisfied with the physical intimacy if you are suffering emotionally. It is true that with the passage of time, intimacy in marriage fades away. The reason can be any; for instance, social pressures, careers or any other incident in life that affects the close relationship of a couple. Expecting that your marriage can work without intimacy is a wrong anticipation.

A marriage life cannot survive without intimacy. With the passage of time, communication takes back seat in the marital life, which makes the scene even worse. Since partners do not communicate about their physical and emotional needs, their relationship suffers. If you are unable to bring back the required intimacy in your marriage, you cannot expect your marital life to survive for a longer period.

Lack of intimacy in marriage creates frustration between both partners and because of that, it becomes impossible for them to respect each other’s needs. It is a universal fact that every human being looks for intimacy i.e., physical and emotional; human beings cannot survive without it. You should be able to give your spouse a sense of security, both physically and emotionally, so that he/she something special to look forward to in your relationship.

Simple gestures in everyday life can keep intimacy in marriage alive. It is very important to tell your partner every now and then that you love them. It is not necessary that you show your affection on special occasions. Sweet and simple gestures are appreciated more. You do not have to do a lot; only helping them with their work once in while or telling them how important they are can keep the spark alive in your married life.

Intimacy is not the base of any relationship, but it keeps the spouses tied together. If you are satisfied emotionally and physically, you can deal with social issues as well. Whereas if you are having issues in your personal life, it won’t let you concentrate on anything. Spouses should keep on telling each other how important the other one is.

Always keep in mind that you have to spend the rest of your life with your spouse, so put in every effort to make your relationship work. Without intimacy, you will find that your marital life has become boring, and you do not look forward to any occasion or social couple gatherings. Take out time to build intimacy in your marital life, as this is something that cannot be ignored.

Without intimacy, you will never be able to feel secure in your relationship and if a sense of security is not there in the relationship, you do not have a strong bond with your spouse. Some marriages can survive without intimacy but it requires a lot of struggle and with so much of struggle, things are not worth anyway.

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