Intimacy: How To Find Pleasure In Love-Making

It is not always right to get satisfaction in love making by keeping the physical relationship or sex in mind. Pleasure in love making should not be restricted towards sex only, but in real, love making has a very broad range of pleasure. It is not right that you get happiness in love making by physically touching someone. Actually, it depends upon the mental condition of different people if they feel pleasure in flying kiss or a smile on their spouse’s face.

It is a general assumption of most of the people that they can get high level of pleasure in love making in teenage, when they are young. It is true that couples do not get pleasure in love making after a few months of their relationship. It might happen because of the increasing obligations, like career building.

These are the responsibilities that can destroy the love relationship of a couple. There are many ways in which you can relive the satisfaction in love making, as you used to have in the young age. High level of pleasure can only be achieved if the couple is still passionate about love making.

One of the most important ways of enhancing your love is to surprise your partner with some naughty gestures every now and then. For instance, you can stand behind your wife slowly and start nibbling her earlobe; you can do this when your wife is making breakfast for you both in the morning. An unexpected affection can make your relation as amazing as ever.

It is not only the responsibility of men to maintain intimacy in a relationship but women can do this too. It can be done at a time when your husband is watching TV. You can sit down beside him and begin rubbing his body silently. He will definitely forget everything, and his attention will be diverted towards you. Such different loving techniques will help to make your relationship stronger and alive for a long period.

When you are looking forward to getting love from your partner, it is very important to make up his/her mood. Start doing something that makes your partner feel amazing, like you can put lit up scented candles around your bedroom. In addition, you can put on some soothing and romantic music.

The other way of pleasing your partner is to appreciate him/her in such a way that it sounds true to him/her. If your wife has gotten a new pair of shoes or a new hairstyle, appreciate her for the nice new look. Wives can also praise their husbands by saying something about the few pounds that they might have lost recently. These are the things that should be taken in to account, because who would want to sleep with a person one is not attracted to.

If the above mentioned tips do not help you out, you can try to do something in your own style, because many people know the natural art of pleasing their partners and make them get pleasure in love making. It is also helpful sometimes to discuss this matter with your family members, friends or neighbours.

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