Ten Golden Tips for Better Sex and Deeper Intimacy

Tentra, an old Indian tradition, tells us that the main source of spiritual and personal power is sexual energy. Sexual energy does not mean sexual activity here, but the force of life that flows in everything. By adopting tantric practices, you can improve your relationships and other aspects of life. Tantric practices help you in exploring pleasure, sexuality and deeper intimacy, which result in more satisfaction and deeper intimacy, and eventually, you start enjoying having sex with your partner.

Here are ten golden tips to begin your exploration for better sex and deeper intimacy;

  1. Cultivate a sense of adventure: According to the tantric approach, life is basically considered as an experiment. If you want to learn about yourself and your partner deeper, you have to apply this sense of curiosity in all your experiences, and if you handle your relationship and other experiences as a shared adventure, you will surely be creating a deeper and stronger intimacy with your partner.
  2. Stare into each other’s eyes: In classical tantric practices, it is known as tratak, which means “to stare without blinking”. The eye staring requires that you should stand in front of your partner, facing him/her in a comfortable and open position while staring very softly in each other’s eyes.
  3. Treat your partner with reverence: The sense of worship should always be there while making love and you should always praise your partner as a masterpiece of heaven. Always treat your partner with a feeling of reverence because by doing this, you can enjoy every aspect of your relationship. It will become a kind of spiritual practice for you.
  4. Pay Attention: Life can be busy and stressful, which can disconnect you from your partner, but try to be attentive and interested because when your partner would see that you are genuinely interested, he/she would be more connected towards you.
  5. Go for a date: Go for dates for better understanding and relationship and making plans together for better and deeper intimacy.
  6. Get in synch: Adjust your breathing as breath is considered the first step in getting into meditation.
  7. Body Massage:  Body message is very important, as in this way, you are able to know about your partner’s responsiveness. Explore your partner’s body and use gentle hands, soft lights, incense and gentle music to set the frame of mind. Giving one day and taking the next day is recommended.
  8. Gently suck your partner’s upper lip: By sucking the upper lip of your partner, you can arouse her more because there is a nerve in the upper lip of the woman that connects the upper lip with genitals. Men feel the same spark in this type of kissing.
  9. Stimulate the sacral nerve: Stimulation of the sacrum can be very arousing as the sacral nerves connect with the genitals. Use your hands gently by using pressure or vibration, moving it in back and forth motion rapidly.
  10. Pulse your pubococcygeal (Kegel) muscles during lovemaking: During intercourse, pulse your PC muscles in back and forth motions to get more satisfaction. It will drive your partner wild.

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