Facing Loss of Intimacy in Marriage? Advice For Wives

A marriage has to go through good and bad phases. There can be a lot of reasons for a marriage failure. The most important is lack of intimacy in marriage. Only few couples are able to survive with their relationships, when there is no intimacy; however, not everyone is that lucky. If your marital life is suffering from lack of intimacy, instead of worrying about it, take some useful steps.

Dealing with such situations is never easy for a wife. If your husband is not giving you proper time, or if he is no longer interested in having sex with you, you might feel rejected.

The common problem among women is that they blame themselves if things go wrong in a relationship. Just because your husband is no longer the same person does not mean that he is cheating on you. There might be other reasons too; for instance, most men avoid physical or emotional intimacy if they are going through stress at work or any other issues.

Instead of arguing with your husband over this issue, you need to analyze the situation and think intelligently. The most important thing to keep the intimacy in marriage alive is to understand your husband’s situation. Do not doubt him just because he is not there for you emotionally or physically; he might think the same. So, it is important to tell your husband and make him feel that you are always there for him.

Talk to your husband, but in a polite way. If you think your marriage is suffering from lack of intimacy, discuss this issue with your husband. You need to make him realize that it bothers you, and if he is going through a rough patch, he should let you know, as you might be able to help him with the tough time. Developing the trust factor is extremely important.

Wives are always expected to be more understanding. If you think that your husband is stressed out, give him some relief. Plan a short weekend vacation just for you two. This will help both of you in spending quality time together and discuss the issues, if any. Show your husband that you still care about him with small, sweet gestures. Cook his favourite meal over a weekend or surprise him with a nice lunch at work.

Expressing feelings is always important. You need to tell your husband his importance. He might know it already, but telling your feelings once in a while is worth it. When having a conversation with him, tell him about your needs and ask him about his. Be open and honest to your husband about your needs, so that he can understand the reason of lack of intimacy in your marriage too.

No one wants to be alone. Show your husband that you care and you are there for him. Men are not very good with expressing feelings. Since men have a lot of issues to deal with at work, at home, pay bills and take care of a lot of other stuff, wife should be the one to take the initiative, in order to rebuild the emotional and physical intimacy in marriage.

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STOP HESITATING.. Where there is a lack of romance, sex, and intimacy, there is a marriage in trouble

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