Intimacy In Marriage – How It Should Be Related MORE than SEX

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Facing Loss of Intimacy in Marriage? Advice For Wives

A marriage has to go through good and bad phases. There can be a lot of reasons for a marriage failure. The most important is lack of intimacy in marriage. Only few couples are able to survive with their relationships, when there is no intimacy; however, not everyone is that lucky. If your marital life is suffering from lack of intimacy, instead of worrying about it, take some useful steps.

Dealing with such situations is never easy for a wife. If your husband is not giving you proper time, or if he is no longer interested in having sex with you, you might feel rejected.

The common problem among women is that they blame themselves if things go wrong in a relationship. Just because your husband is no longer the same person does not mean that he is cheating on you. There might be other reasons too; for instance, most men avoid physical or emotional intimacy if they are going through stress at work or any other issues.

Instead of arguing with your husband over this issue, you need to analyze the situation and think intelligently. The most important thing to keep the intimacy in marriage alive is to understand your husband’s situation. Do not doubt him just because he is not there for you emotionally or physically; he might think the same. So, it is important to tell your husband and make him feel that you are always there for him.

Talk to your husband, but in a polite way. If you think your marriage is suffering from lack of intimacy, discuss this issue with your husband. You need to make him realize that it bothers you, and if he is going through a rough patch, he should let you know, as you might be able to help him with the tough time. Developing the trust factor is extremely important.

Wives are always expected to be more understanding. If you think that your husband is stressed out, give him some relief. Plan a short weekend vacation just for you two. This will help both of you in spending quality time together and discuss the issues, if any. Show your husband that you still care about him with small, sweet gestures. Cook his favourite meal over a weekend or surprise him with a nice lunch at work.

Expressing feelings is always important. You need to tell your husband his importance. He might know it already, but telling your feelings once in a while is worth it. When having a conversation with him, tell him about your needs and ask him about his. Be open and honest to your husband about your needs, so that he can understand the reason of lack of intimacy in your marriage too.

No one wants to be alone. Show your husband that you care and you are there for him. Men are not very good with expressing feelings. Since men have a lot of issues to deal with at work, at home, pay bills and take care of a lot of other stuff, wife should be the one to take the initiative, in order to rebuild the emotional and physical intimacy in marriage.

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Ten Golden Tips for Better Sex and Deeper Intimacy

Tentra, an old Indian tradition, tells us that the main source of spiritual and personal power is sexual energy. Sexual energy does not mean sexual activity here, but the force of life that flows in everything. By adopting tantric practices, you can improve your relationships and other aspects of life. Tantric practices help you in exploring pleasure, sexuality and deeper intimacy, which result in more satisfaction and deeper intimacy, and eventually, you start enjoying having sex with your partner.

Here are ten golden tips to begin your exploration for better sex and deeper intimacy;

  1. Cultivate a sense of adventure: According to the tantric approach, life is basically considered as an experiment. If you want to learn about yourself and your partner deeper, you have to apply this sense of curiosity in all your experiences, and if you handle your relationship and other experiences as a shared adventure, you will surely be creating a deeper and stronger intimacy with your partner.
  2. Stare into each other’s eyes: In classical tantric practices, it is known as tratak, which means “to stare without blinking”. The eye staring requires that you should stand in front of your partner, facing him/her in a comfortable and open position while staring very softly in each other’s eyes.
  3. Treat your partner with reverence: The sense of worship should always be there while making love and you should always praise your partner as a masterpiece of heaven. Always treat your partner with a feeling of reverence because by doing this, you can enjoy every aspect of your relationship. It will become a kind of spiritual practice for you.
  4. Pay Attention: Life can be busy and stressful, which can disconnect you from your partner, but try to be attentive and interested because when your partner would see that you are genuinely interested, he/she would be more connected towards you.
  5. Go for a date: Go for dates for better understanding and relationship and making plans together for better and deeper intimacy.
  6. Get in synch: Adjust your breathing as breath is considered the first step in getting into meditation.
  7. Body Massage:  Body message is very important, as in this way, you are able to know about your partner’s responsiveness. Explore your partner’s body and use gentle hands, soft lights, incense and gentle music to set the frame of mind. Giving one day and taking the next day is recommended.
  8. Gently suck your partner’s upper lip: By sucking the upper lip of your partner, you can arouse her more because there is a nerve in the upper lip of the woman that connects the upper lip with genitals. Men feel the same spark in this type of kissing.
  9. Stimulate the sacral nerve: Stimulation of the sacrum can be very arousing as the sacral nerves connect with the genitals. Use your hands gently by using pressure or vibration, moving it in back and forth motion rapidly.
  10. Pulse your pubococcygeal (Kegel) muscles during lovemaking: During intercourse, pulse your PC muscles in back and forth motions to get more satisfaction. It will drive your partner wild.

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Intimacy: How To Find Pleasure In Love-Making

It is not always right to get satisfaction in love making by keeping the physical relationship or sex in mind. Pleasure in love making should not be restricted towards sex only, but in real, love making has a very broad range of pleasure. It is not right that you get happiness in love making by physically touching someone. Actually, it depends upon the mental condition of different people if they feel pleasure in flying kiss or a smile on their spouse’s face.

It is a general assumption of most of the people that they can get high level of pleasure in love making in teenage, when they are young. It is true that couples do not get pleasure in love making after a few months of their relationship. It might happen because of the increasing obligations, like career building.

These are the responsibilities that can destroy the love relationship of a couple. There are many ways in which you can relive the satisfaction in love making, as you used to have in the young age. High level of pleasure can only be achieved if the couple is still passionate about love making.

One of the most important ways of enhancing your love is to surprise your partner with some naughty gestures every now and then. For instance, you can stand behind your wife slowly and start nibbling her earlobe; you can do this when your wife is making breakfast for you both in the morning. An unexpected affection can make your relation as amazing as ever.

It is not only the responsibility of men to maintain intimacy in a relationship but women can do this too. It can be done at a time when your husband is watching TV. You can sit down beside him and begin rubbing his body silently. He will definitely forget everything, and his attention will be diverted towards you. Such different loving techniques will help to make your relationship stronger and alive for a long period.

When you are looking forward to getting love from your partner, it is very important to make up his/her mood. Start doing something that makes your partner feel amazing, like you can put lit up scented candles around your bedroom. In addition, you can put on some soothing and romantic music.

The other way of pleasing your partner is to appreciate him/her in such a way that it sounds true to him/her. If your wife has gotten a new pair of shoes or a new hairstyle, appreciate her for the nice new look. Wives can also praise their husbands by saying something about the few pounds that they might have lost recently. These are the things that should be taken in to account, because who would want to sleep with a person one is not attracted to.

If the above mentioned tips do not help you out, you can try to do something in your own style, because many people know the natural art of pleasing their partners and make them get pleasure in love making. It is also helpful sometimes to discuss this matter with your family members, friends or neighbours.

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STOP HESITATING.. Where there is a lack of romance, sex, and intimacy, there is a marriage in trouble

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Can A Marriage Life Survive Without Intimacy?

Intimacy is one of the most important aspects of any marriage. The relationship of marriage needs intimacy. Some people limit the concept of intimacy to physical needs only, which is not true. Emotional intimacy is also an important part of this relationship. With the absence of intimacy in marriage, things can get extremely difficult for both the partners. All couples needs physical and emotional intimacy in their relationship because without intimacy in marriage, a marriage can fail badly.

Emotional and physical intimacies go hand in hand. You cannot be completely satisfied with the physical intimacy if you are suffering emotionally. It is true that with the passage of time, intimacy in marriage fades away. The reason can be any; for instance, social pressures, careers or any other incident in life that affects the close relationship of a couple. Expecting that your marriage can work without intimacy is a wrong anticipation.

A marriage life cannot survive without intimacy. With the passage of time, communication takes back seat in the marital life, which makes the scene even worse. Since partners do not communicate about their physical and emotional needs, their relationship suffers. If you are unable to bring back the required intimacy in your marriage, you cannot expect your marital life to survive for a longer period.

Lack of intimacy in marriage creates frustration between both partners and because of that, it becomes impossible for them to respect each other’s needs. It is a universal fact that every human being looks for intimacy i.e., physical and emotional; human beings cannot survive without it. You should be able to give your spouse a sense of security, both physically and emotionally, so that he/she something special to look forward to in your relationship.

Simple gestures in everyday life can keep intimacy in marriage alive. It is very important to tell your partner every now and then that you love them. It is not necessary that you show your affection on special occasions. Sweet and simple gestures are appreciated more. You do not have to do a lot; only helping them with their work once in while or telling them how important they are can keep the spark alive in your married life.

Intimacy is not the base of any relationship, but it keeps the spouses tied together. If you are satisfied emotionally and physically, you can deal with social issues as well. Whereas if you are having issues in your personal life, it won’t let you concentrate on anything. Spouses should keep on telling each other how important the other one is.

Always keep in mind that you have to spend the rest of your life with your spouse, so put in every effort to make your relationship work. Without intimacy, you will find that your marital life has become boring, and you do not look forward to any occasion or social couple gatherings. Take out time to build intimacy in your marital life, as this is something that cannot be ignored.

Without intimacy, you will never be able to feel secure in your relationship and if a sense of security is not there in the relationship, you do not have a strong bond with your spouse. Some marriages can survive without intimacy but it requires a lot of struggle and with so much of struggle, things are not worth anyway.

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Dealing With A Marriage Without Intimacy

Intimacy means having a close friendship or a physical relationship with a person. People have misconceptions about the actual meaning of intimacy. For them, intimacy is just having sex; however, intimacy actually means having a physical relationship with emotional connection between the two persons. For every strong and healthy relationship, it is very important to have an emotional link with each other.

Couple intimacy is the sexual and emotional closeness between two persons. Couple intimacy is very important for the success of every marriage. A marriage without intimacy is a failed and dry relationship. Dealing with lack of intimacy in marriage is a very difficult task.

When your spouse does not have the same interest in making love with you, you feel very frustrated and rejected. Such relationships do not last for a longer period of time. If the issues are not resolved, there comes a peak time when such relationship head to divorce. A marriage with lack of intimacy can be resolved, but the path to be followed for this purpose is very difficult, because the problem of lack of intimacy in marriage takes time and some willingness on the part of both the spouses.

Problems in a marriage are always difficult to deal with, but when the problems come to the bed room then they are nearly impossible to resolve; the entire picture of the problem completely changes. This could lead to mental depressions in both of the partners.

Problem of loss of intimacy is very difficult to deal with; however, if you are not dealing your marriage carefully then you might end up with worse problems. You must avoid certain things while dealing with such kind of a marriage. You need to react in a positive way in order to save your relationship. Getting frustrated and angry and pin pointing a lot of mistakes will only result in driving away your partner from you. Do not talk about money, time and family all the time.

Complaining all the time will make your partner irritated. You really need to be patient and empathetic. Turn yourself into a very strong and understanding person. Change yourself for your partner and for your relationship.

Devote all of your attention, love and time to your partner. Take care of their needs and make them realize that for you, your partner is everything. Is in case, your partner has problems right from the beginning of the marriage, and then try to learn how to resolve all those problems and make your partner satisfied.

You should always be there to listen to your partner. When they are talking, just listen to what they say quietly. You can then match you point of view with your partner’s to reach any conclusion. In this way, you can determine how your partner actually feels. By doing this, you will be able to tackle all the problems easily. There is no doubt that dealing with a marriage without intimacy is a very difficult task, but nothing is impossible in this world. Just believe in yourself and devote your full efforts to resolve your problems.

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STOP HESITATING.. Where there is a lack of romance, sex, and intimacy, there is a marriage in trouble

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A Guide To Intimacy After Sex

Sex is the process that binds two souls together. As we eat food, drink water, take fresh air for the purpose of getting oxygen etc., in the same way, our body requires us to do sex as well.

If you want to do sex, first of all, your partners should be mentally prepared, because at the stage when your partner reaches at orgasm and you destroys everything by running for the bathroom, rolling over or going for sleep, the whole passion is lost. This immature attitude takes away the intimacy of making real love to each other and you might not be able to drive your woman crazy this way.

There are various requirements of the body as both the women and men have different orgasms. Because of having different orgasm, most of the time, women want to continue, but it is usually the man who is unable or unwilling to understand this simple fact and he stops doing sex. It is a natural fact that cannot be ignored; the human body cannot be compared with the body of the engine of a car in any way, because the engine of the car can be turned off and on in a second. On the other hand, the body of the human beings work at an increased heart and respiratory rate. It is compulsory to reduce it slowly and gradually in a smooth way. Furthermore, it is important to consider that there is a brain processing that does not stop with the orgasm.

There are some tips that can help us out to reach at an intimacy level after sex. If one of the couples is looking forward to finish sex and the other has not yet finished, for example the man doesn’t quit first, try to make an effort not to stop sex abruptly.

It is better to keep pushing your partner by doing some gentle massage or some fondling of erogenous areas that will drive your man crazy. You can continue the process by expressing your feelings to your partner that you are enjoying a lot.

The next step is to hold each other for a few moments; this will definitely help you to drive your man crazy. It will also be useful in bringing down your heartbeats and breathing. This is the most enjoyable time that will bring the couple closer than the acts of sex did a few minutes before. These embraces should be done with whole body embraces with arms around each other; this will definitely drive your woman crazy all over once again.

The next step is to relax by lying on the bed side by side. Try to talk with each other and listen to some quiet music as well. This will help you to be relaxed quickly.

You should also gaze into the eyes of your partner. Try to look at the face of your partner and feel the peace on his face and let her feel the peace on yours. You can let her mind wander and drive your woman crazy with some moments of eye gazing when the sex is over.

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Where there is a lack of romance, sex, and intimacy, there is a marriage in trouble

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